Pioneer Online Academy is an all-online high school — available anywhere, anytime. We focus on college and career readiness.

Our student-focused approach offers one-on-one interaction online with our instructors.

“Thank you so much for all your help! I have learned so much over the past two semesters through your feedback and support. Never before have I had a teacher so invested in helping me improve through individualized, specific feedback. Thank you!”
– Hannah, Student


Pioneer Online Academy offers Utah high schoolers a study-at-home option at low or no cost.


Pioneer offers a robust and engaging  course of study that is entirely online.


We offer an elite, one-on-one experience, our enrollment is limited. Join our waiting list.


Pioneer Online Academy will offer Utah students free, online education via the Utah Fits All program.


Read testimonials from our lead instructor’s former students.



Q: What is your school year timeline?

A: While we follow an extended, 10-month school year, students may work as quickly as they like. Enrollment is limited, though, so feel free to join our no-obligation waiting list here.

Q: What student ages do you accept?

A: Our secondary school program is designed for high school-age students, 14-18. However, advanced middle schoolers who are eager to learn are welcome.

Q: Are your students accepted at colleges?

A: Yes. Our rigorous curriculum is welcomed at most colleges, everywhere.

Q: Can we get credit for extra curricular activities?

A: Yes! Students will be able to receive credit for extra-curricular activities, such as organized athletics, music studies, or foreign language studies. They must be pre-approved and engaged in during the school year. Contact us to make specific arrangements.

Q: Are homeschoolers welcome to apply?

A: Yes! Our esteemed faculty and mentors include parents who’ve homeschooled their children. We understand the unique benefits of homeschooling, whether due to work, family, or other reasons. Homeschool students will welcome the friendly, on-call faculty and mentors at Pioneer Online Academy!

Q: What are your tuition fees?

A: We’ve purposely kept our fees well below averages — about 5,900 per school year — while maintaining our high-quality approach to excellent education. Pioneer Online Academy is based in rural Richfield, Utah, USA. Our small-town faculty’s friendliness is available FREE for all Utah students via the new Utah Fits All Scholarship program! Learn more here: https://ufascholarship.com/


Our courses are designed to help online students excel, rather than just converted for online access.


We help students succeed by offering them to choose their own paths within an easy-to-follow course of study.


Our faculty are always available anytime, via email, to help students whenever they need it.


In addition to our engaging coursework and easy-to-use framework, our online approach allows us to offer our superior secondary education at a surprisingly low cost — yet our enrollment is very limited.