At Pioneer, our team has been involved in education for over 35 years. We have advanced education and degrees, coupled with  decades of experience teaching all ages, near and far, online and off, from homeschooling to educational startups to major research universities, across the globe.

Our team also brings advanced educational technology experience, and online development skills to help elevate what online education can offer, in terms of personalized attention to each student.

Please note that these levels of involvement require focus and commitment. So, while we are aware that there are many families looking for innovative approaches to education, and hoping to find the very best solutions for their education savings account (ESA) scholarships, we limit our enrollment to only 100 students to preserve our commitment to excellence and ensure each student receives the personal attention they need.

Pioneer Online Academy offers flexibility, including email access to our faculty, anytime, to help students whenever they need it. We believe a one-on-one approach — with helpful, detailed feedback — is the best way to help our students learn and succeed today. Our innovative platform allows us to reach our students wherever and whenever they’re ready to learn.

We also believe in your children’s ability to succeed. We hope to have the opportunity to work with them and help them along that path.

Our Vision

Using an innovative, grounded curriculum, with a focus on students as people, is a better approach to genuine learning. Online tools should be used to reduce costs — while improving personalized performance — rather than enriching school owners. As a nonprofit institution, with faculty available anytime, we believe our students will be better prepared for a successful future in the 21st Century.

Our Mission

Pioneer Online Academy offers an innovative approach to higher quality education by developing engaging learning approaches, including one-on-one interaction with faculty. We will provide private tutoring style education, by offering it online and at a low cost.


Our team’s education, experience, and accomplishments are expansive and varied. Currently, they all live in Utah, although they’ve roamed far and wide as they’ve achieved remarkable things, big and small.

Here are a few of their combined achievements:

  • Study and work experience at a variety of educational institutions, including rural, suburban, and urban settings across the country.

  • K-12 school experiences range widely from suburban high schools with thousands of students, to high schools in challenging urban settings, to elite private schools, to small high schools based in rural areas, to highly regarded schools in the South Pacific, as well as homeschool settings.

  • College majors and studies range from Education, Business, Organizational Behavior, English Literature, Technology, Computing, Networking, Film, Classics, Philosophy, Visual Arts, and History.

  • Taught at every grade level, from kindergarten to collegiate settings, teaching English, Technology, Religion, History, Humanities, General Education, Film, Web Design, and more.

  • Teaching through various innovative programs offering concurrent enrollment courses to college-prep students, at a variety of public and private colleges and universities.

  • Decades of distance learning and web design experience.

  • Our team has also worked as teachers, tech developers, television producers, book critics, illustrators, graphic designers, and magazine editors, including one who wrote and edited the official magazine for the largest teachers’ union.

  • Written many books, from treatises on K-12 education, American history, cookbooks, popular culture, World War II, media studies, world history, film, and illustrated children’s books.

  • A member of our team is ranked as one of the “Top 10” reviewers on Walmart.com.

  • A member of our team was taught organizational behavior in college from Stephen R. Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” the seventh best-selling non-fiction book in history (below Benjamin Spock, above Anne Frank).

  • Started working online in 1993, using email regularly in 1990. Also, worked with a founder of MySpace.

  • Officially recognized as the top state employee of the year while working at a university of one of the largest US states, for developing an innovative educational research program.

  • Taught several movie star’s children, at elite private schools around Hollywood and Los Angeles. Some were actors themselves. His students still show up in commercials and such from time to time.

  • A team member created professional certificate programs, such as webmaster certifications.

  • Taught in an innovative educational startup that was bought out by a major tech firm.

  • Helped bring in $300 million of donations for a university capital campaign.

  • Two of our staff taught their six children in a homeschool setting, kindergarten through high school, with their children now successfully schooling at colleges and working at high-end firms across the country.

Congratulations to our team for their many successes and achievements!