In this assignment, you will choose a specific writing challenge that you believe is important for future students to address. Identifying and understanding these challenges is a crucial step in creating effective writing lessons. By selecting a challenge that resonates with you, you will be better equipped to develop a lesson that addresses it comprehensively.

Your lesson should be both engaging and genuinely helpful.


1.    Select a Writing Challenge: Think about the writing challenges you’ve encountered in your own writing journey or those you believe students commonly face. Choose one challenge that you find particularly important or intriguing. It could be related to grammar, sentence structure, organization, or any other aspect of writing.

2.    Explain Your Choice: In a brief paragraph, explain why you chose this particular writing challenge. Share your personal insights or experiences that influenced your decision. What makes this challenge significant in the context of improving writing skills?

3.    Research the Challenge: Conduct research to gather information about the chosen writing challenge. Explore articles, academic papers, or credible online sources that provide insights, strategies, or best practices for addressing this challenge. Make sure to cite your sources appropriately.

4.    Outline Key Points: Create an outline that highlights the key points and concepts related to the chosen writing challenge. What do you think students should know and understand about this challenge? Organize your thoughts logically.

5.    Develop a Lesson Plan: Based on your research and outlined key points, develop a detailed lesson plan for addressing the chosen writing challenge. Remember, this should be directed to students studying online. Include the following in your plan:

•    Lesson objectives: Clearly state what students should achieve by the end of the lesson.
•    Lesson activities: Describe how you will engage students and help them practice the skills needed to overcome the challenge.
•    Resources/materials: Specify any materials, handouts, or online resources that will support the lesson.
•    Assessment: Outline how you will assess students’ understanding and progress.
6.    Reflection: Write a brief reflection on the significance of creating lessons that address writing challenges. Consider how this assignment has deepened your understanding of the role of an instructor in helping students overcome writing hurdles.


Submit your assignment, including the explanatory lesson of your chosen writing challenge, research findings, lesson plan outline, and reflection (PDF or DOC using MLA formatting).