Lesson Creation Process Edit


What is the first step in the lesson creation process?

Choosing resources and materials

Setting learning objectives

Designing activities and exercises

Creating a closure for the lesson


What section of a lesson plan provides a summary of the key points and helps students look ahead to using these skills in the future?


Activities and exercises




What is the purpose of the “Learning Objectives” section in a lesson plan?

To summarize key points at the end of the lesson

To list the materials required for the lesson

To specify what students are expected to learn or achieve

To introduce the topic of the lesson


Match the components of a lesson plan with their descriptions.

Resources and Materials


Content Delivery


Specify any materials, handouts, or resources needed for the lesson in this section.

You describe how you will assess students’ understanding and progress in this section.

In this section, you organize the content logically and choose appropriate teaching methods.

This section engages students with an attention-grabbing opening that highlights the relevance of the lesson.


True or False: The closure of a lesson plan summarizes the key points and provides closure to the lesson.


True or False: Homework or independent practice tasks should not be included in a lesson plan.


Briefly explain why it is important to emphasize student engagement and interaction when designing a lesson plan.


Reflect on the importance of alignment in a lesson plan. Explain why it is crucial for all components of a lesson plan to align with the learning objectives.


Provide an example of a learning objective for a lesson on improving sentence structure.


Imagine you are teaching a lesson on “Effective Paragraph Development.” Describe the key components you would include in the lesson plan, including learning objectives, activities, and assessment methods.


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