1) Using an MLA formatted citation, list your first five research sources.

2) Then, evaluate each source according to the following criteria:

  • Source: What type of source is it (scholarly journal article, popular journal article, website, newspaper article, blog post, book, etc…)? Is the source from a Snow College library database? Is the source reliable?
  • Author: Who is the author (more than just their name)? What is the author’s background? What are the author’s qualifications?
  • Bias: What particular biases do you detect? What accounts for these biases? Is the author forthcoming about his/her biases?
  • Timeliness: How current is the source? Is the timeliness fitting for the topic of your paper?
  • Evidence: What type of evidence is used? Where does the evidence come from?

Try to retrieve the DOI number and use that in your citation, as explained in the lesson at the start of this unit.

NOTE: Answering these questions will prepare you greatly for your upcoming Annotated Bibliography.