IEE Idea Guide Quiz Edit


Writing Prompt! In a brief paragraph or two, respond to one of these questions.

  1. If you could go back in time, and talk to yourself as a child, what would you tell yourself?
  2. If you could write a screenplay for any actor to film, who would you write for? What would your movie or series be about?

What is your major?

Or, what issues do you hope to explore that relate to your future career, avocation, or fields of endeavor?


What sources, online databases, or other resources have you searched or consulted so far? How have they helped? Or not?


Briefly, what topics have you researched (or searched for) thus far?


What do you consider to be your possible issue topics? Please list several (three to ten) topics.


What is your primary (most likely) issue topic, at this point?


Please briefly summarize your issue.


At this point, please list and describe at least four perspectives you expect to compare-and-contrast in your Issue Exploration Essay.

Of course, these viewpoints will likely need to be researched further to adequately represent each contrasting perspective.


What do you suspect your conclusion will say?

Do you have an idea what your stance might be? How do you think your research might affect your stance?


How are you feeling about your Issue Exploration Essay and its writing process?

What would help you to succeed?