Here are the instructions for the ePortfolio Welcome Page, which will be the concluding assignment of this unit.


A welcome page on a website is where writers can introduce themselves and their topics/goals. For this writing assignment, you will create your own ePortfolio to showcase your work in this class, and you will begin by creating a welcome page.

To do this, you will create a free ePortfolio using WordPressWeebly, or Wix, and post your resume and cover letter to introduce your ePortfolio to your readers. You will begin by finding a job posting for a potential job in your future career, and write a resume and cover letter.

Finally, at the end of the course, we will revisit the Welcome Page towards the end of the semester when you post your revised work to the Final ePortfolio.

This assignment allows us to think about the importance of critical reading, audience awareness, and clear writing (in content and in form).


  1. Create an ePortfolio using WixWeeblyWordPress, or another resource.
    • It needs to be a real, standalone website, not a social media profile.
    • You do not need to purchase a domain name; the address may use a subdomain (e.g.,
    • Try to create a clear and engaging website that represents you well, that you can use professionally in the future, and that you can be proud of!
  2. Develop the first page of your ePortfolio: A welcome page that includes a 100+ word introduction of yourself and includes the following three documents (try to embed them for display, or create a page with the text on the page itself). In simple terms, look for a theme or basic layout that offers a “portfolio” design.
    • You should include some images as they help provide appeal and offer ethos and pathos, alongside the logos-based documents. You may find and use free images from sites like Freepik or Unsplash.
  3. Post a copy of a job ad that represents a long-term position that reflects what you are working toward now, and what you hope to be eligible for in the future.
    • Save a copy for the entire job listing offline — not just the web address.
    • The job listing should be complete, and offer all the details you’d need to make a decision to apply.
    • You may use any job-search service that you prefer, such as:
  4. Write a resume you could use to apply for the job ad you found. Feel free to predict hopeful and/or realistic future degrees, accomplishments, experiences, internships, etc.
    • Include the college degrees you are working toward today. Choose a skills-based or chronological structure that includes sections for contact, education, experience, and honors (you may use fake contact info for now).
    • Choose a skills-based or chronological structure that includes sections for contact, education, experience, and honors (you may use fake contact info for now).
    • In addition to attaching it here, your resume will also be included/embedded on your ePortfolio Welcome Page as a .pdf.
  5. Write a cover letter to accompany the resume in your application for the job ad.
    • Try to describe what you offer to them, using logos, ethos, and pathos to win them over, rather than just saying, “I did (whatever) before, and I want this job.”
    • The letter should be in block business letter format and include:
      • An introduction that states the job you are applying for and your general qualification.
      • Body text that highlights specific qualifications in more depth than the resume.
      • A conclusion that thanks the reader and closes with contact information.

I’ll grade the documents on format, clarity, and how well they are tailored for the “future-you” job ad.


  • Copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) your ePortfolio URL here as your submission.
  • Be sure your ePorfolio is published and available for public viewing.

Your ePortfolio website should include:

  • A 100+ word introduction of yourself as an individual, a student, and a writer–including a brief description of your academic major (or possible major) and a controversial topic related to that major that might serve as a tentative topic for your semester-long research. This should be pasted in the Welcome Page
  • An attached job posting for a potential future job
  • An attached resume (1-2 pages)
  • An attached cover letter (no more than one single-spaced page)
  • An optional picture (or other media) that you feel represents you. This may be changed throughout the semester, of course
  • Also submit the job ad, resume, and cover letter to their assignments:
    • Job Ad
    • Resume
    • Cover Letter