Please answer six or more of the prompts below, in 200 (or more) words total.

Because we are working online and working together, if available, please also attach a photo(s), or include a link to a photo or video online.

  1. What is your name? Do you have any nicknames that people call(ed) you?
  2. Where do you live these days? How long have you been there? And, where were you before that?
  3. What’s the first thing people tend to notice about you when they meet you?
  4. What do people usually remember or say about you? Any interesting remarks?
  5. What’s the most mind-blowing thing you’ve ever seen? What made it so amazing?
  6. In the past five years, what’s something meaningful you learned that stuck with you?
  7. What kind of music are you into these days? What’s the soundtrack of your life?
  8. What are your all-time favorite foods? Why do they hold a special place in your heart (or stomach)?
  9. What’s a hobby, talent, or activity you genuinely enjoy doing? What makes it enjoyable for you?
  10. Share something you’re proud of achieving. Why does it mean so much to you?
  11. What superpower would you choose to have? What’s the reason behind your choice?
  12. What’s a goal (or dream) that you’re pursuing? What steps are you taking to make it happen?
  13. Are there any types of reading you find particularly enjoyable? What makes them stand out for you?

If you don’t feel like these questions do not explain anything we should know about you, please feel free to explain anything you like.