Select one of the following student essays, read their paper, and comment on the following eight questions in at least a page of response. Be sure to number your responses, and give the kind of feedback you’d like to receive as a writer to help you most effectively and successfully write your own paper.

  1. Did the author address all seven questions in the Print Ad Analysis Essay assignment instructions? Which were left out or overlooked?
  2. Which specific things struck you as confusing or needing elaboration?
  3. As a reader, what ideas did you find needed to be elaborated on?
  4. How would you describe the organization of the analysis? Is the organization effective? What suggestions could be done to improve the organization in regards to the introduction, conclusion, topic sentences, transition sentences, and the ordering of paragraphs?
  5. Does the essay focus mostly on ethos, pathos, logos, audience, and rhetorical methods? If so, how is it made clear? If not, what needs to be done to make these aspects the main focus of the paper?
  6. What does this draft do especially well?
  7. What two or three things would most improve the draft in revision?
  8. Provide a few of your opinions or observations regarding the rhetoric of the ad that perhaps your peer didn’t analyze closely enough.


Student Essays

Select one of the following essays for your student response (see attachments below for student essays):