Now that you have an idea about what should be in a review (elements, judgment, criteria, and evidence), go to one of the following restaurant review archives to select an article to read and discuss — so you can review a (professional’s) review:

Pro-tip: Copy and save the review you select, offline. If you get locked out or blocked, please let your instructor know.

Skim over several and then select one article to read more carefully and discuss. After studying the article of your choosing, post a response according to the following guidelines:

  • State the review’s title and date.
  • Give a brief (one to three sentences) summary of the article/restaurant.
  • In a brief paragraph for each of the following, address the review’s effectiveness:
    1. Providing a sufficient amount of elements reviewed.
    2. Presenting clear and balanced judgment.
    3. Revealing clear and appropriate criteria, when needed.
    4. Giving substantial evidence that supports the article’s claims.
    5. Noting any specific comparisons the review includes (if any) and whether or not they are valid.
    6. IMPORTANT: You MUST include the web address (URL) of the restaurant review you consider!


Submit your review of the professional review as a PDF attachment, with proper MLA formatting.