You must earn a perfect score on this quiz before moving forward in the course. Thus, there are unlimited attempts allowed. 

According to the syllabus and video briefing, what is a syllabus?

It is like a contract between the instructor and students in the course.

It’s just legalese that isn’t important to student success.

The video hilariously depicted a syllabus as a fluffy unicorn that spreads joy and happiness throughout the semester.

A syllabus is like a magical potion that grants students superpowers, because “knowledge is power.”


What final grade do you need to pass the course for GE credit?

C- (or higher)

A- (or higher)

D- (or higher)

B- (or higher)


True or False: As long as I wrote it myself, I can use my old writing in this course.


True or False: Using artificial intelligence (AI) to write my assignments is plagiarism.


Including the likelihood of failing the course, what was mentioned in the unit as a specific reason why plagiarism is particularly counterproductive?

It is more impressive when you properly cite a source.

If you plagiarize, you won’t learn what you need to in class—and learning is even more important than your grade.

You have a moral obligation to your college, your country, and yourself to complete your own work.


True or False: According to the syllabus, to proceed in this course, I am declaring that I have read the “Controversial Content Warning” and feel mature enough to take the course at this time.


True or False: The federal law FERPA means, by law, my instructor must respond to my parents or guardians if they have questions or concerns about this class and my grades or performance.


True or False: The instructor is available to you to answer your questions.


True or False: In this class, I must submit my assignments in the order they appear in the units; if I skip an assignment and move on, to a later unit, the previous assignment(s) will be marked as zero points and can’t be made up.


Which formatting style do all attachments in the course need to follow?







Any format is fine as long as there is a cover sheet.

All of these choices.