Which is NOT one of the major themes explored in Pride and Prejudice?

Love and romance

Personal growth and self-discovery

Family relationships

Justice and revenge

Social class


Pride and Prejudice is said to be the leading example in English literature of a “marriage plot,” where everything hinges on a young woman’s success in finding a satisfying marriage — while society demands that she not take the lead in asking others directly to dance, to date, or to marry.

What aspect of marriage does Pride and Prejudice consider?

The impacts of lasciviousness could have on marriage opportunities

Marrying for security versus marrying for love

All of these

The need for developing maturity before marriage

Gender roles and expectations within marriage

How being judgmental shapes marriage choices for better or worse

Marrying for love versus societal expectations

The exploration of arranged marriages and their consequences

Social class and economic considerations in marriage

The impact of pride, conceit, and self-centeredness on marriage opportunities

The importance of compatibility and shared values in marriage

The influence of family dynamics on marriage choices


How do societal expectations primarily influence the characters’ choices in Pride and Prejudice?

Characters prioritize their own happiness above societal norms.

Society has no impact on the characters’ decisions.

Characters challenge societal norms and expectations.

Characters conform to societal expectations at the expense of personal fulfillment.


What is the role of humor in Pride and Prejudice?

It provides comic relief in tense situations.

It satirizes societal conventions and behaviors.

None of these

It highlights the characters’ flaws and shortcomings.

All of these


How are women portrayed in Pride and Prejudice?

None of these

As submissive and passive

All of these

As independent thinkers

As ambitious and crafty

As bound by societal expectations

As silly and flirtatious


What is the significance of the title, Pride and Prejudice?

It reflects the social barriers created by pride and prejudice.

It symbolizes the pride and prejudice within society.

It shows how pride and prejudice, even toward a positive judgment, can lead to unhappiness.

 It signifies the transformative journey of characters overcoming their pride and prejudice.

It reflects the personal pride and prejudice of Elizabeth Bennett.

It represents the universal nature of pride and prejudice in human relationships.

It refers to the pride and prejudice of the upper class.

 It highlights the theme of overcoming pride and prejudice in relationships.

It represents the pride and prejudice of Mr. Darcy.

All of these

None of these


In the novel, how does Mr. Bennet impact his daughters’ lives?

His indifference and lack of guidance create challenges for them.

He actively supports their pursuit of love and happiness.

He loves and cherishes them all equally.

He plays a minor role and has no significant impact.

He indulges their wishes at every turn.

He encourages them to prioritize wealth and social status.


Who, most often, is the greatest obstacle to Elizabeth’s possibilities of a happy marriage?

Mr. Bennett

Mrs. Bennett

Mr. Collins

Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Charlotte Lucas

Anne de Bourgh

Miss Bingley


Briefly define and describe FOUR of the following approaches to interpreting literature:

  • Historical/Biographical
  • Psychological
  • Power Dynamics
  • Formalism
  • Structuralism
  • Psychological Criticism
  • Deconstruction
  • Intertextuality
  • Symbol/Metaphor/Allegory
  • Reader-Response
  • Personal Response